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The photographs set out left are two views of a house at Kingston near Lewes Sussex. Set on a 1:5 sloping south facing site the house was designed to take advantage of passive solar collection and the views of the South Downs. The top picture shows the view of the South Downs from the side of the morning room overlooking the sitting room with the foreground screened by an external deck. The roof line has been arranged as an extension to the sitting room ceiling flowing through full height glazing and curving up a 1800 (6ft) high curved fascia.

The lower picture shows the front of the house from the drive

The property above is a new chalet bungalow specifically designed for a family, the daughter of which has cerebral palsy. Set within an existing road on Canvey Island the dwelling was designed to fit in with the existing street scene in terms of scale and character while providing the necessary accommodation to enable the girl to use and enjoy the dwelling as far as possible unaided. Although the plot was quite generous, the extent and size of the required accommodation was such that it was necessary to provide a deep floor layout with the dwelling extending deep into the plot. As a result to maximize light into the dwelling courts were created along the sides of the dwelling to provide external seating areas.

The sketches on the left relate to a barn conversion, housing scheme and a shop extension. The photographs relate to a feasibility study carried out on a property with flat roof areas. The brief was to provide before and after views changing the flat roof areas to pitched roof areas. The after view was prepared using the practice’s in house computer software.