International Film and Television     Selection   directed by:  
   new Conflict   2006 Associated Studios   Damian Chapa  
   new Karol Wojtyla - Geheimnisse eines Papstes   2006 ZDF   Gero von Boehm  
   new The Man Who Sold The World   2006 ManWhofilms LTD   Louis Melville  
    O Alquimista   2006 IBcinema   Xose Zapata  
    Chain Reaction   2005 IMAS Film Prod.   Olaf Ittenbach  
    Drawn in Blood   2005 Valerian Film   Peter Palátsik  
    The Forest of the Damned       2005 AWP   Johannes Roberts           
    Tsunami     2005 Pro Sieben   Winfried Oelsner  
    Life in the Ring   2004     David Andrew Ward  
    Funeral Etiquette   2004    Berlin Film Festival   Martin Romanella  
    Cold and Dark   2004     Andrew Goth  
    Behind The Wall   2003     Benjamin Eicher  
  The FA Cup Promotion      2003 BBC   Andrew Morahan  
    DarkHunters            2003 AWP   Johannes Roberts  
  Killerbarbys vs. Dracula     2002   Jess Franco  
  Hart's War         2002 MGM   Gregory Hoblit  
    Band of Brothers           2001 HBO   Mikael Salamon  
    Perfect Strangers        2001 BBC2   Stephen Poliakoff  
    Enemy at the Gates         2000 MGM   Jean-Jacques Annaud  
    The Saint - Wrong Number   1989 Pro Sieben   Marijan David Vajda  
  Morena   1986 Finn Kino   Anssi Mänttäri  
    Wild Geese II   1985 MGM   Peter Hunt  
    Gotcha   1985 Universal   Jeff Kanew  
    The Sea Wolves   1980 Paramount   Andrew McLaglen  
    Bloodline   1979 Paramount   Terence Young  
    Avalanche Express   1979 Fox   Mark Robson  
    The Lady Vanishes   1979 Rank   Anthony Page  
  The Squeeze   1978 Worldvision   Antonio Margheriti  
    Salon Kitty   1977   Tinto Brass  
    24 Hours at Munich   1976 ABC   William A. Graham  
    Casanova   1976     Frederico Fellini  
    Cry Onion   1975     Enzo Castellari  
    Shoot First... Ask Questions   1975     Sergio Corbucci  
    Captain Apache   1973 Scotia International   Alex Singer  
    Bad Man's River   1972     Eugenio Martin  
    Cut-Throats Nine   1972     J. Romero Marchent  
    J&S: Criminal Story of an Outlaw Couple   1972 K-Tel   Sergio Corbucci  
    Catlow   1971 MGM   Sam Wanamaker  
    Boulevard de Rhom   1971 Gaumont   Robert Enrico  
    Doc   1970 United Artists   Frank Perry  
    A Bullet for Sandoval   1969     Julio Buchs  
    The Bastard   1968 Warner Brothers   Duccio Tessari  
    German Films and Television     Selection     directed by:  
    Participation in approx. 22  German Films   and    over    100   German TV films, series and soaps  
    GZSZ - Special October 2005   2005 RTL   Seyhan Derin  
    Ohne Worte    "Gesundheit"   2004 RTL    Tobi Baumann  
    Ohne Worte    "Mc Gyver"   2004 RTL   Joseph Orr  
    Mors Mala   2003     Alexander Lony  
    Behind the Wall     2003     Benjamin Eicher  
    Rigor Mortis - The Final Colours    2003   Timo Rose  
    Night Child II    2002     Heiko Bender  
    Der Fahnder - Das Luder    2001 ARD   Mathias Schnelting  
    HeliCops - Doppeltes Spiel    2000 SAT 1   Peter Claridge  
    Der Schnapper II   1999 ZDF   Peter F. Bringmann  
    Autobahnpolizei Cobra 11   1999 RTL   Matthias Tiefenbacher  
    Der Clown (Episode 7 & 8)   1999 RTL   Matthias Tiefenbacher  
    Doppelter Einsatz - Der schöne Igor   1994 RTL   Markus Bräutigam  
    Schloss am Wörthersee   1991 RTL   Horst Kummeth  
    Ritchy Guitar   1985     Michael Laux  
  Alpha City   1985     Eckhart Schmidt  
    Derrick - Tandem   1979 ZDF   Zylnik Brynych  
    Nosferatu   1979     Werner Herzog  
    Die Ängste des Dr. Schenk   1978 ZDF   Herbert Vesely  
    Aufforderung zum Tanz   1977 WDR   Peter F. Bringmann  
    Der Alte - Pilotfilm   1977 ZDF   Johannes Schaaf  
    John Glückstadt   1975     Ulf Miehe  
    Der Schrei der schwarzen Wölfe   1973     Harald Reindl  
    Theatre   Selection        
    Prod. in major German Theatres                   Open Air        Theatre   in different cities  
    various touring companies                      Member         in 1979 of   Le Grand Magic Circus  
     Performing Arts School  1967 -1969   workshops 1971 -1974   Actors Studio, Lee Strassburg