You are due to receive a visit from a TV Licensing Officer

Ignorance of the law will not be accepted by TV Licensing as an excuse!

Your address is high on our list

Your address is high on my priority list. You should be aware that one of my team of enforcement officers will issue a report for prosecution if there is evidence of an offence. Therefore you need a TV licence for only X blah blah blah.

A prosecution has serious consequences


If you buy a TV License now, you will save yourself the possibility of prosecution, the amount of any fine and a record of non-payment. For only X which you can pay by installments by calling blah blah blah.


Sound familiar?

What if you don't watch television but have a video camera or study by correspondence and need to play videos? This is an all too common question that these red letters never seem too keen to address. If it is one that you have asked, then the information in this website may be of interest to you. Click on the 'Sound familiar?' above to hear about my experience with our mutual TV licensing friends.