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Susanna on Christmas Day 2003
TS Information Sites
Dr. Suporn Watanyusakul
Kindred Spirit -
Surgery Outcomes

What Transsexuality Is
Definition, Cause, and History
TearS Article
Transsexual Women's -

Anne Vitale PhD
Press For Change
Gendercare Gender Clinic
TG Forum
Lynn Conway's Site
The Gender Genie
Test your writing style to see
what gender you are...

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The purpose of this site is :-

This site is principally here for the benefit of pre-op TS's who may want information regarding issues around surgery (SRS) and/or post-op issues. I'm happy to discuss any issues or thoughts you may have! Beam!

Girl Kisses Providing information and support about transsexual issues to others.

Girl Kisses If you would like to discuss anything then by all means get into touch.


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My SRS account & Background Info

Awww! I Love these little Heart Smilies! There Sooo Cute!

Regardless of your own views on post-op (formerly TS) women, you might like to read the articles below. I suggest starting with the TearS article if you are not familiar with the causes of this congenital condition and its treatment (there is an extract below of the key points). My SRS account may then find a wider context for you to understand it in. Lastly, I have added a link to TSGirlfriend ('m lesbian but it might be helpful) and provided here an FAQ about Post-Op women that I have started. This is because many people (reasonably) seem to be in the dark as to what to expect when dealing with a formerly transsexual woman and have confused ideas about the subject in general.

One of the aims of this site is to show what you may expect from formerly TS Girls. In a nutshell though - post-op women are the same as any other women. We have the same emotional, social, psychological and physical needs as any other woman...

However, if you want to learn more about TS issues then there are some TS information links provided below.

Susanna's SRS Story - Full Version in a single webpage - takes longer to load!

Susanna's SRS Story - Paged - Page 1 of 5

Please be patient when opening this account as it is fairly long and takes a minute to load... (Lots of piccies!). I am in the process of breaking this down into managable pages but this will be a few weeks before it is complete and ready for upload.

For those of you who are interested in the quick intellectual explaination of why transsexuality occurs - here it is in a nutshell...

An Extract from the TearS Article

Every baby of every mammal begins [life] potentially female. During the second month of foetal development, hormones released within the foetus determine whether the baby will remain female or change to male. The tiny body and physical brain are very strongly influenced at this stage, overall sexual identity then being largely fixed. This is why all males have nipples and the scar remaining of their original female sex. 1, 3 The crucial period, when the genetic trigger activates the process to remain female or change to male is over very quickly. This information has been known for over 25 years.

As with any part of foetal development, the process can go wrong. Baby may be born with the body of one sex but the brain and mind of the other, leaving it stranded across (trans) the sexes. Brain research has all but proven this ætiology. 2 In autopsies carried out on ts-born people, all had the brain-sexing of the sex opposite that ascribed to them at birth. (In nature and medicine, if something is dimorphic this means it comes in two distinct types. In this instance, being dimorphic means the layout of parts of the brain, and the prioritising of thoughts, differ between males and females.)

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TS Information Sites

These sites will open in a separate window (except the FAQ)

Dr. Suporn Watanyusakul :-

DR. SUPORN CLINIC, Chonburi, Thailand : Facial (FFS) and Genital (SRS) plastic and reconstructive surgery

Dr. Suporn was the surgeon I went to in May 2003 for my genital Sex Reassignment Surgery and again in Aug 2004 for my Breast Augmentation

What is it? :-

What Transsexuality Is: Definition, Cause, and History

Transsexual.Org :-

Site dedicated to transsexual issues and information

Surgery Outcomes :-

Kindred Spirit Main Site :-

Kindred Spirit - Surgery Outcomes and Perspectives on Intersexualism

There Mission statement :- We seek to positively change the way we think about ourselves and the way society and the medical community views us. We believe that through awareness, education, and peer support, our goals of eliminating isolation, shame and secrecy experienced by people born with bodies like ours will be reached

TearS Article :-

An excellent simple and concise layman's explanation of the transsexual condition and its impact upon suffers...

If you don't know the fundamental basics of what biologically causes transsexualism then please read this short primer

TSGirlfriend :-

A simple introduction to dating issues with TS Girls... Transsexual dating, or shemale dating, is an option most heterosexual men have never considered...until of course such a guy meets an appealing transsexual woman and finds himself intrigued. At that point, the guy could actually consider transsexual dating or shemale dating

With a Moderated Chatroom aimed at providing a controlled environment for people to meet TSGirls.
Guys - Read the rules carefully before entering as this is an online chat room for guys to talk and met TSGirls and hence is aimed at their protection while facilitating open and friendly discussion. Failure to obey the chatroom rules will get you booted out - Pronto!

The Post-op Woman's FAQ :-

My FAQ to answer some of the basics about what a post-op woman is... and what you might expect

Transsexual Women's    

This web site is designed to empower transsexual women by providing factual information, informed opinion, and personal narrative

Lynn Conway's Site :-

My goal for this website is to illuminate and normalize the issues of gender identity and the processes of gender transition. This project began in the year 2000, as I struggled to "come out" about my past to my research colleagues. I wanted to tell in my own words the story of my gender transition from male to female three decades earlier, in 1968, and then of being outed 31 years later in 1999, while living quietly and successfully in "stealth mode"

This is an Excellent & Very Extensive website. To give an idea of its scale it has been translated in to 9 other languages so far!S

Anne Vitale PhD :-

This web site addresses issues regarding gender dysphoria, crossdressing, transsexualism, transgenderism, Gender Identity Disorder, hormones, sex reassignment surgery (SRS), the HBIGDA Standards of Care (SOC) and gender variant issues in general. Female-to-Male (FTM) and Male-to-Female (MTF) issues are covered

Press For Change :-

Press for Change is a political lobbying and educational organisation, which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all transsexual and transgendered people in the United Kingdom, through legislation and social change

Gendercare Gender Clinic :-

Gendercare GID - Gender Identity Disorder Clinic evaluate and treat all kind of GID/GIDNOS thru the web

Gender Recognition Act :-

Department of Constitutional Affairs :-

Gender Recognition Act 2004.

TG Forum :-

TransGender Forum

With MEOW Chat Client - this is an online chat room for TS's to meet and chat and for people to others to met and talk about TS issues

Gender Genie :-

Assess your handwriting to see whether your style of writing is male or female

Change :-

Change is an Excellent TS Support!!! The TearS article is part of this collection

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Susanna's Photograph Albums

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Susanna's Poems



I have split my Poems into themes, which are shown below. Each theme has a sub-menu of poems for you to read. I hope you enjoy these poems and find them enriching and thought provoking...


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Susanna's Book Recommendation's



I am still preparing this section. I'll keep it in for now - you never know! I might actually put something up here!

I have split my Book Recommendation's into sections, which are shown on the sections page. Each section has a sub-menu of books and a little about why it is special for me.


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Public Profiles On The Net

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My Contact Details


If you would like to write to me my main email address is below but this has had to be a little bit scrambled because of spam bots reading email addresses from web pages...

You will have to assemble the email address below OK!


You can also use my guestbook facility below in the mean time if you wish to contact me. If you would like to chat to me via either MSN or Yahoo Messenger services, please email me for my messenger addresses. They can also be found through my public profiles.


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My Guestbook and Journal


I would love to hear your feedback about my poetry or anything that you have liked or disliked on here. It is always helpful to have comments! So do send me your thoughts! I have a guestbook now for any feedback and a journal for ongoing thoughts and info about what is happening to me lately!

Hiya! Drop me an note if you like! *Smile!*


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