Bethel Church  Pre-School, Royston, South Yorkshire, England

Mrs Pat Gilmore is the Supervisor of this warm, happy and caring Pre-School group.  Opened for 20 years, it is highly rated in the village of Royston. As soon as you walk in you sense a welcoming atmosphere, and are aware that the staff are highly motivated, to the needs of the children. The walls are decorated  with the pictures, and the children's work. There is a display of certificates, which record training courses the staff have attended. No parent need ever be concerned for the children left in their care.

The children are so enthusiastic, and the play is so structured, the children don't realize they are being educated towards set goals. I also noted how special care was given to special needs. Bethel Pre-School group is OFSTED registered, so there is funding for 3 and 4 year olds.

Bethel Church Pre-School

Station Road


Tel: 01226 726738

Days and Times of Sessions:

Open Monday to Friday (during term-time)

Morning Session                                       9.00 to 1 1.3Oam

Afternoon Session                                    1.00 to 3.3Opm


Welcome to our Pre-school

The Pre-school is now registered to receive Pre-school Education Grant funding for all children who are aged 3 before 31 March, 31 August and 31 December each year. This means that parents will be able to claim assistance towards the cost of up to 5 sessions per week (this usually means 5 free sessions).

The Pre-school staff is:

                                                Mrs. Pat Gilmore (Supervisor)

                                                Mrs. Lynda Allanach

                                                Mrs. Anne Hirst

                                                Mrs. Sheila Homer

                                                Mrs. Christine Worthington

We work together as a team to encourage the individual child and small groups of children in their chosen activities.

We train students who work alongside and under the supervision of the Pre-school Supervisor and staff. Any parents who wish to become involved in Pre-school are always welcome. If you would like to help on the parent’s rota please let Mrs. Gilmore or one of the staff know.

We provide a warm, caring, stimulating and enjoyable environment in which your child can learn through the variety of play experiences and materials offered.

We acknowledge that every child is a unique individual and has skills and abilities that need to be built upon and we offer play that is purposeful, organised and structured to enable them to reach their full potential in every area of their development.

“Play is a child’s work and the means by which he/she develops”


The Pre-school building and organisation of the room


The Pre-school building consists of two room’s one large room (with its own toilet facilities)

And one smaller room. Both rooms are divided into a number of self-contained areas offering a

wide range of first hand experiences to promote active learning.

The outdoor play area consists of a small, grassed area and a large tarmac area, with a storage shed.

The boundary of the Pre-school playground is fenced to ensure your child’s safety and members of stall’ always supervise outdoor play.

We are able to offer car-parking facilities for parents when bringing and collecting your children only. The Police have requested that parents of Pre-school children are NOT to park cars on the yellow lines on Station Road, as this leads to a danger to traffic queuing at the traffic lights.

After children have been brought into Pre-Schoo1 the doors of the Pre-School will be locked for the safety of the children. Anyone who would like to collect their children early please let a member of staff know in advance.






The Pre-school session consists of:

9.00 - 10.00 am                         Free play with focus activity.

10.00-  10.15 am                      Tidy up time and toilet hand washing.

10.15 - 10.30 am                       Quiet time - discussion time

10.30-10.45 am                       Milk and biscuit time (snack time).

10.45-   11.10 am                     Outdoor play/indoor play/TV video

11.10-   11.30 am                     Story time - singing (giving out pictures). Home time

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