Welcome to this collection of photographs, occasional drawings and postcards of the Burgh of Lochgelly, a wee Scottish town 15 miles north west of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
The pictures of places and people in and around Lochgelly have been borrowed, begged or given freely to myself over a number of years. If you can add to the descriptions, correct where necessary, or identify any of the residents, please contact me, especially if you can contribute any pictures to my archives for people all over the world to enjoy on the internet.
If on vacation, please feel free to come to my business (Graham's, Bank Street - established 1970) to browse through the 650 pictures I have accumulated of the mining area of Fife. You can order prints of some of them or have them despatched to you by post or e-mail.
A special plea: many folk are tempted to throw out old photographs when spring-cleaning, when just tidying up, or when a relative passes on. Please consider giving them to the collection so that they are not wasted and can be enjoyed by many people world-wide for years and years to come. They can be in any form: drawings, prints, paintings, photographs, etc. All are welcome. Postage will be repaid and contributions returned, if required. Many thanks.

Alan Graham

Graham's, 18 Bank Street, Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland KY59QQ
United Kingdom

Lochgelly Coat of Arms

Every endeavour to resource the copyright has been made on the images
Please contact me if any are incorrect and I shall remove from site.
The original idea for starting this site was to share with other Fifers all over the globe.