The Journal of Byelorussian Studies

Vol. IV, No. 1

annotated and translated 
by Arnold McMillin and Vera Rich

Taras na parnasie is one of the most important works of nineteenth century Byelorussian literature, and also one of the most mysterious. Neither place nor date of origin are known, and the question of authorship is an open now as when it first appeared in print, but despite these uncertainties the poem remains fresh and alive, illustrating some of the most positive features of Byelorussian cultural development...
...Although it first appeared in print towards the end of the 19th century, Taras na parnasie was undoubtedly written much earlier. The official policy of russification in all aspects of life, legal, religious and linguistic, was at its height precisely at the time the poem is thought to have been written, and it could only be printed after the ban on Byelorussian printing had been lifted in 1889...