Here are some photos from old family albums

It was quite unusual in the 1930s to have a car.  As you can see Western Avenue, Dagenham had few cars.  If you look carefully you can see me in the passenger seat. Web003.jpg (9576 bytes)
Here is me on the beach. Web004.jpg (12461 bytes)
Before the car there was the motorcycle.  My mother rode pillion and I travelled in the sidecar. Web002.jpg (127553 bytes)
My Dad, quite the dapper! Photograph (86).jpg (117714 bytes)
Brighton beach Photograph (12).jpg (158977 bytes)
This picture was taken recently after my parents married. Photograph (29).jpg (96433 bytes)
Photograph (51).jpg (131348 bytes)
Picnic in the 1920s, when my parents were courting. Photograph (46).jpg (93314 bytes)
Fun at Brighton Photograph (79).jpg (128356 bytes)
Horsing around! Photograph (92).jpg (94648 bytes)
This was my mother as a child. Web006.jpg (28743 bytes)
My mother again Web007.jpg (28366 bytes)
And finally, one last photo of my father. Web010.jpg (25312 bytes)