My grandfather, Henry, was born in Bermondsey on 12 August 1864 and died on 8 April 1944.

I suspect that as I trace further back the Allbury name will disappear, poor literacy or perhaps a family feud caused the surname to change from Albury to Allbury.

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From left to right: Edith Kelly, Fred Allbury, Horace Allbury, Ethel Kelly and Violet Kelly.

Above is my parents wedding.  Horace Dudley Allbury married Ethel Lilian Kelly at All Saints Church, Forest Gate, in 1928.  They set up home in Barking and then later moved to Dagenham.

My mother died.  Horace remarried and gave me my two brothers.  David and Jim stayed with my stepmother after my father died, and I went to live with Horace's brother Fred and his wife May.

Fred and May pictured in the 1970s.

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Pictured in 1979, at the back, my sons Gary and Neil.  In the front, Reg, my stepmother's second husband, my stepmother, Florence, and myself.

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