Reided 5
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In  lezifs  valik  dabinon     mödot  gretik  bötädöpas  e      staudöpas.    Lotidöps gretik valik labons 
In  cities    all     there is a  number great     of pubs  and   restaurants.     Hotels      big     all    have
fidalecemis.             Ekö          fidasäluni    lüxüodik,     kö     lotans mödik peklotöl in soaraklotem    binons.
large dining areas.. Here's a dining room   luxurious,  where guests many   dressed  in evening dress    are. 
Atos binon so,     bi          lotidöp u staudöp      at binon bal veütikas                             zifa.                 Bötan 
This    is     so, because the hotel or restaurant this is     one of the important (ones) of the town.  The waiter
golom ad bötön             büzibis.         Bötan   votik    polom    bötömi ko       flad    vina       e     vinaväris
 goes   to  serve  the  hors d'oeuvre.  Waiter another carries a    tray   with a bottle of wine and wineglasses
tel.          Kösömoy         ad janedön tü        düp   jölid        göda.               Janed    binädon me   kaf     ko 
two. One is accustomed to breakfast at the hour eighth of the morning.  Breakfast consists of coffee with 
milig,  grenaflogs,  bod    peloetöl   e     nögs peküköl  u   pebaköls.   Fidedi     konsumoy       tüi          düp 
milk,      cereals,    bread  roasted   and  eggs   boiled   or    baked.      Dinner one consumes about  the hour
balid     poszedela.     Binon    fidäd     veütikün           dela.        Binädon  me zibs        lemödik,     samo
first of the afternoon.  It is the meal most important of the day. It consists of  foods  a great many,   e.g.
 sup,   fit,   mit,     härbats,      poszib, fromad   e   fluks.   Semikna     fidoy       bosi            vü             düps :
soup, fish, meat, vegetables,  dessert, cheese  and fruits. Sometimes one eats something between the hours :
 lul     e     mäl       poszedela.               Säned,           sümik  ad  fided,   pakonsumon  tüi           düp jölid 
five   and  six   of the afternoon.  The evening meal, similar to dinner, .is consumed about the hour eighth
of the evening.