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(all files upto date 14th nov 2004)

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(all files upto date 14th nov 2004)
new files for
august 2004

Realfoe colour shoppper4c_again 2 versions

Realfoe colour shoppper6_again

I have been working on a battle race with others
we have finished making it now
get it at the cl2k forums RealFoeBR11inColour+RealFoeBR11inColourNOOB (updated 13 nov 2004)

site features maps by
(Forts 3) (B'N'Gs4)
(Battle Races 12)
(colour Battle Races 1)
(Roper1)(Shoppers 9)
(colour Shoppers 6)
(colour forts 1)

(Battle Races 6)(Shoppers 11)
(Rope Races4)(Ropers16)

soundbanks by
realfoe(4) scowy(1)
inter(1) and pigl3t(1)

graves and flags by
RealFoe(graves 16 flags 1)
Ladyjane(graves 3 flags 0)
welcome to tbc
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