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Pullman Court exploded with life when hundreds of people visited us in September 2005 for NINETEENTHIRTYSIX, an exhibition of new works by three international artists. The artists – Lothar Götz, Ian Kiaer and Polonca Lovšin with Tomaž Tomažin – were invited to produce work in response to the architecture of Pullman Court and ideas of modernism and utopia. The result was a spectacular show that included the transformation of one flat with huge bars of vibrant colour on the walls and ceilings.

NINETEENTHIRTYSIX was curated by International Style, an artist-run organisation dedicated to research and bringing contemporary visual arts into 20 th Century architecture. The show coincided with Open House London in September 2005.

For images from the show and more information please see

Our thanks to: Arts Council, Visiting Arts, Open House London, The Twentieth Century Society and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture.



photograph: © jaime gili

Situated in Streatham Hill -South London- Pullman court is one of the few examples of the early International Style of architecture in the UK. It constitutes a display of many high-modernist ideas in housing, successfully realised and still influential almost seventy years after completion in 1936.

Pullman court was the first major work of architect Sir Frederick Gibberd, who went on to plan and lead the design of masterpieces such as Harlow New Town, London Heathrow Airport, Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral, and the London Central Mosque.

Pullman court became a listed building in the eighties, and it is now listed as grade II*. Today it has a very active residents' association working for the building and its residents.






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