INTERNATIONAL STYLE wants to become an interdisciplinary platform for research and cultural production that, starting on an interest in the local and international history of modernity and utopian ideals, encourages a reflection on contemporary society. Our objectives are:

-To regularly bring contemporary arts into XX Century domestic architecture and closer to the stories of the people living in it, organising and encouraging exhibitions of contemporary visual arts into modernist buildings and blocks of flats, also highlighting the atypical history of modern architecture in the UK .

-To run a residency programme for visual artists.

-To create an international network of similarly minded artist-run-spaces in XX Century buildings (primarily housing blocks), encouraging potential venues to join in and maintaining a permanent debate on contemporary aesthetic practices and sociopolitical issues.

International Style started in 2004 an international series of artists' residencies in London . The residencies run in Pullman Court , a grade II* listed 1936 block of flats designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd as his first major commission. The building is one of the few examples of an early ‘International Style' in the UK , strongly influenced by the work of Walter Gropius and other continental architects. The residencies are intended for artists, writers or architects who want to develop projects or research work.

The annual program is partly organised on open submission, and partly by invitation. Contact: