Company Background

P H M is a consultancy providing expertise in broadcast and audio systems. The man behind it is Peter Harrison who began his professional career in audio engineering over 25 years ago as a sound engineer and occasional relief cameraman in UK commercial television, after leaving University with a degree in Electronic Engineering. This time in ITV built on his earlier semi-professional experience from his student years and provided a firm background in audio operational techniques on a variety of light entertainment, news and current affairs programmes as well as in audio dubbing for film and video.

After a few years in ITV having risen to Sound Supervisor grade, Peter decided to apply his engineering degree more specifically by addressing the technical issues of audio consoles and joined Neve, then near Cambridge, working as Senior Engineer (Tech. Services) on audio console commissioning and on system installations. This gave Peter his first experience of working in audio and broadcast studios in all parts of the world.

In the mid 1980s, the time seemed right to move the emphasis from purely technical issues and to broaden his experience by encompassing the commercial side of the industry. Moving back to the North of England, Peter joined Amek as "Broadcast Product Manager". At this time, they were completing design of their first true broadcast mixer and needed someone to take this product and introduce it to appropriate people in the market. Peter was successful in this and grew the new Broadcast Division of Amek from zero to a turnover of £3.9M in just over three years. As Amek's needs changed in the early 90's, Peter's role became increasingly technical, eventually becoming the Engineering Director and managing a number of roles including the technical support and publications departments as well as the company's computer networks.

Having a background in audio operations also left him well qualified to construct and conduct the training programmes that increasingly customers, particularly in the Middle and Far East, were demanding as part of the supply of new equipment. Whilst these courses were intended to focus on the new equipment being supplied, the background of the students often meant wide ranging preliminary sessions in basic audio operations were needed.

During all his time with mixers, Peter maintained his "hands on" audio operational experience through his company of P H Music, at that time a part time activity fitted around his full time work. P H Music, also trading as PHM, provides location music recording services both for private and commercial release as well as location sound facilities for radio and television. PHM is also the channel for consultancy work and authoring activities which have included writing for many of the leading broadcast journals and for major manufacturers.

After 12 years at Amek a new challenge was needed and in 1997 Canford Audio, the UK's largest specialist distributor of professional audio products asked Peter to join them to develop their links with customers in mainland Europe, particularly those in Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Benelux area and some Eastern European countries. As Canford's needs changed, Peter relocated on a weekday basis to their Tyne & Wear headquarters and took on the role of Director of Engineering selecting catalogue products, editing and arranging production of the catalogue and also heading the R&D department. However living away from home every week was not something that could continue indefinitely and the PHM consultancy and broadcast engineering resource has emerged following Peter's time in Canford and now draws on his wide experience of all aspects of the broadcast and audio world.

A major outside interest is music and details of Peter's music career are found by clicking on the "music" button below.


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