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Bassa Bassa celebrate 15 years are you an old member? Bassa Bassa celebrate 15 years
Bassa Bassa birthday weekend 19 and 20 April Bassa Bassa celebrate 15 years are you an old member?
Bassa Bassa celebrate 15 years Bassa Bassa - busking street event 20 April Bassa Bassa celebrate 15 years
Bassa Bassa celebratory birthday weekend on 19/20 April 2002

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The life and times of Bassa Bassa by Richard Scott
Leeds band Bassa Bassa, described as "merchants of musical mayhem", are celebrating 15 years of existence in April. In that time over 80 musicians have passed through the ranks of the band's brass and sax frontline with full rhythm section. Now an effort is being made to track down as many as possible for a celebratory birthday weekend on 19/20 April 2002.

Varying between 9 and 22 members (currently 14) the band over the years has appeared at Glastonbury and WOMAD, made trips to Brittany and Ireland, and featured in many street festivals including Leeds' regular summer Rhythms of The City. Along with Bradford-based Peace Artistes, they have also often brought their commitment to benefits and demonstrations for causes ranging from Drop the Debt back to the days of Anti-Apartheid, Nicaraguan Solidarity and the Poll Tax.

Founded by Sam Paechter and Rachel Richman in 1987, the band caught the rising wave of World Music, but have never been easy to pigeonhole. Blasts of ska, jazz, latin, african, and funk compete for attention with the good-humoured stage presence of musicians who are obviously enjoying themselves.

The band is a loose collective centred around the longer-term members. Bassa Bassa has made a big contribution to Leeds' vibrant musical life over fifteen years, without ever looking for, needing or receiving official backing: "And it's been a valuable experience for band members, long-term and short-term, as well as the punters" Despite their openness to all contributions the band has always aimed for high standards. For the last year or two they have been on a roll. With two recordings under their belt (the first LP was recorded back in the late 80's with financial assistance from Leeds band Chumbawamba) the band seem happy to keep rolling into the future.

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For the 19 April (Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 6 at 8pm) they are planning a regular gig of the current band with one or two guest appearances. On Saturday 20 April (12.30pm-3.30pm) they are planning a "mass busk-in" in Leeds City Centre.

"As war clouds gather around US/UK plans for war in Iraq, we're looking to create an answering storm of cheerful protest with as many musicians and onlookers as possible. We'd love any instrumentalists to join us", says spokesperson Richard Scott. "I hope they can use this occasion to make contact, whether previous members or not."

And the name? "Somebody once assured us that it means pandemonium in West Africa. It's the name of a cooking sauce in the West Indies, a dust-up in Barbados, a township in Louisiana. All in all it's a cheerful confusion ."

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Paul Lee Soprano/Tenor & Flute 1991
Ceri Ashley Tenor 1991
Chris Smith Tenor 1999
Boris Stock Tenor 2001
Clare Horne Tenor & Flute 1996
Jill Bond Trombone 1988
Seamus Corr Alto 1987
Simon George,Alto 1988
Mary Plumb Alto 1990
Alison Sheldon Alto & clarinet 1987
Caroline Standen Alto & Flute 1999
Rachel Richman Baritone 1987
Alan Wilkinson Baritone  1988
Jane Coker Baritone sax & Voice 1989
Richard Scott Baritone & Tenor 1987
Elinor Harris  1988
Kate Moore 1990
Sue Miller  & Tenor 1993
Sam Paechter French Horn & Tuba 1987
Patricia Stubbs Trombone 1989
Mark Armstrong Trombone 1990
Maureen Brown Trombone 1991
Tina Firth Trombone 1993
Tim Brooks Trombone 1995
Richard Warrington Trombone 1998
Steve Etheridge Trombone 1999
Charly Hare Trombone  & Guitar 1987
Ian Swann Trombone & Violin 1987
Jem Dobbs Trumpet 1987
Tracy Cartmell Trumpet 1987
Marion Richards Trumpet 1987
Jane Stimpson Trumpet 1989
Sarah Cropley Trumpet 1989
Graham Mitchell Trumpet 1989
Phil Green Trumpet 1991
Lucy Berrett Trumpet 1995
Phil Murgatroyd Trumpet 1999
Richard Howland Trumpet 1999
Helen Mills Trumpet/Tuba 1999
Henry ? Tuba 1988

Bob Franklin 1987
Ali Reid  1989
Geoff Winckless (& Percussion)  1989
Adam Cocks  1993
Scott Hammond 1994
Liz Reveley  1994
Annette ? 1994
Granville Bowen  1994
Brian Rowlands  1995
Bruce Renshaw  1997
Micheal O'Hagan 1999
Colin Byrne 1999

Lamin Jassie Percussion 1990
Vicky Kilpatrick Percussion 1990
Ruth Coffey Percussion 1991
Helen Simpson Congas 1991
Pete Rosser keyboards 1988
Jon Rust  1987
Alison Souter Reeds & Accordion 1989
Maggie Somers Voice 1988

Andy Martin  1987
Quentin Rawlings  1988
Richard Mills  1988
Jerry Cahill  1989
Andy Swainston  1991
Martin Briggs  1994
Martin Milner  1996
Jamie Howell  1996
Mark Priestley (& Saxophone) 1987

Nigel Rae 1987
Graham Carey 1988
Dave Allen  1989
Steve Crocker 1993
Mike Richardson  1993
Darren Randall 1993
Paul Savage  1995
Carl Nevitt 1996
Mike Nichols 1998
Andy Vowles & Alto 1992
Graham Jones (Percussion & Guitar) 1989

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