5th Century Pottery

5th Century Anglian Domestic Pottery

The illustrations above show some of the domestic pottery of the period, they were made by either the pinch pot technique or by coiling, they tend to be very uneven in form. The clays used are very heavily grogged and pieces of shiny silica can be seen with the naked eye. They were probably fired in a bonfire type fireing or possibly a very simple updraft kiln. Some primitive pottery with the inclusion of organic matter can be fired in a domestic fire. These firings are not very high and often do not reach a vitrification point. The ware is not glazed.

Decoration is by burnishing and by some stamped designs, the stamps could be of pot or other materials such as antler, bone or the utilisation of jewellery such as a brooch pin.

The perforations are probably used to hang the pots by, possibly when used for cooking over a fire.

Some early Anglian Pottery from Leicestershire

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