5th Century Anglian Information

Within these pages I hope to introduce you to some of the information I have found with regards to the way of life of 5th Century Anglian Migrants.

I hope the information is of interest but if you would like to ask any questions or see anything more added please feel free to email me.

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I have arranged everything in subject order which is indexed here, if there is no link this area is still under construction and I hope will appear soon.

In addition I have included links to other areas which interest me or which I think you might enjoy ! Have fun

5th-6th Century women's dress

Instructions and Diagrams for Anglo-Saxon dress

A Picture of typical Anglian dress

Adaptations for pregnancy and motherhood

5-6th Century Kentish women's dress

Female Accessories



Drop Spindles

Girdle Hangers

Fire Sets-flint and steel


Tablets, books and links

Tablets weaving designs based on Anglo Saxon art styles

Toilet sets

Wrist Clasps


Other Anglo-Saxon information

Anglian Marriage

Anglo-Saxon Salt Production

Anglo-Saxon Claw Beakers

Possible 5th Century Dyes & modern dyes to reproduce them !

Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey

11th Century Anglo Saxon women's clothing

Lakenheath Horse burial

The Anglian group I belong to

Other Information of cross period interest !

My 13th Century pages

English 13th Century women's dress

Wood properties & historical uses

The How to page a strange collection of things to do !

Links Commercial

Historic Costume- a place to buy costume.

Historic Shoes- sells turn shoes

Hot Glass - glass bead making supplies

Period Provisions

Warhorse-medieval horse equipment

The First Dragoons Mounted Display team

Links Non Commercial

Circa 1265 a society recreating the de Montfort rebellion

Where to learn to swordfight (UK)

My essay on Neolithic farming and ritual

My essay on Dendrochronology