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Mr W. Shomari

Mr W. Shomari
Research project co-ordinator.


Acknowledgements 1. Background Description of Fizi Territory Socio-Cultural and Administrative Aspects 2. Introduction Purpose of Present Report Scope Terminology and Working Definitions 3. Methodology Data and Collection of Analysis Data analysis 4. Case Stories Masturbation Dating Relationships Sex Talk Prostitution Pornography Language Alcohol and Drugs The Fizi Barometer Survey 5. Findings and Summary Interview Analysis and Strategies for Action Women and Armed Conflict Violence Against Women Education and Training of Fizi Peasant women Women and Health Human Rights of Women in Fizi Women's Poverty and the Economy of Fizi Women in Power and Decision-Making Women and the Media Women and the Environment in Fizi The Girl Child in Fizi Conclusion Appendices A List of Participants B Sample of Publicity Leaflets C Sample of Questions to Professionals D Sample of Questions to Volunteers E Sample of Letters to Organisations F Questionnaire with Covering Letter Bibliography


Zaire, Sud-Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo -South Kivu)
Territory of Fizi