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  • MEWL Newsletter Summer 2000


    1. List of BBS Information Articles. 2) Members treatments (cold baths) view. 3) Dr. Cheyney-talks on M.E.

    ....4) Members profile, Catriona Courtier. 5) A mystery illness. 6) Traditional Chinese Medicine for ME.

    ....7) Squash Champion suffers M.E. 8) Magnesium. 9) Part of CFS Radio Prog. with Dr H. Urnovitz.

    ..10) House of Commons debate-final part.view 11) ME/CFS - In the News. 12) Hermispherx Announces study.

    Easter Greetings,

    Well whatever ones situation we can all welcome the nicer weather, but I get so annoyed when people think that our problems will somehow all be transformed by a bit of sunshine. My usual reply is that I’ve had remissions in the depth of winter and conversely felt really awful on a lovely summer’s day. I know some sufferers have trouble keeping warm, especially in bed (when I suffered from night coldness, earlier in my illness, and needed to sleep in woollen socks and jumpers! It wasn’t actually in the winter!), or suffer terrible night sweats, but this apart I don’t think the seasons have any measurable effect. What do you think?

    I found Dr Cheney’s Article very interesting (see page 3). His views about the various stages of the illness certainly make sense. The fact that our symptoms change through time and the reason why Ampligen only has an effect in the earlier stages of the illness. But we still see large variations in our symptoms. And what of those who’ve been severely ill for a long time and don’t seem to have reached the third (final) stage?



    Monday 8th May 2pm c/o Helen Lyons, (details not shown)

    Sunday 18th June 3-5pm c/o Tony Golding, (deatails not shown)

    Please telephone first if you are going to either of the above meetings


    M.E AWARENESS WEEK Note this year M.E awareness week is from May 8–12th


    NETWORK M.E.S.H FORTHCOMING EVENT .A Talk by Doctor lan Hyams

    Monday 24th April (Easter Monday) 7.30pm

    To be held at "The Friends Meeting Place", 17 Woodville Road, Ealing Broadway, W5. Admission cost 3 per head. The nearest tube station: Ealing Broadway. Refreshments will be available after the talk.

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