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MEWL Newsletter Winter 99/2000


1) List of BBS Information Articles. 2) Clare Francis LBC Interview. 3) The Art of letting go.

4) Members profile, Mahboob. view .5) Treatments. 6) House of Commons debate part 2. view

7) Dr. Hyams clinic. 8) Panarama. 9) ME Articles*. 10) Journeying with ME! tape. Did you see.

Greetings, ..............................................*mentioned below

Here’s hoping this New Year can bring some better health to our members, and to all those suffering from M.E throughout the World. Well if we haven’t actually made that much improvement ourselves in the last year at least the word is getting around. It seems that everywhere you look articles about M.E can be seen (I found an interesting article in a magazine at a local health store called "Live-Well", and also couldn’t believe on opening an English free paper in the Costa Del Sol, called "Round Town" to again read a feature on M.E!)Both are included in this newsletter. Whether this information translates to a better general understanding of the disease, I don’t know. Too often non-sufferers (even those close to us) will receive an "I’m not feeling too good" as being a convenient excuse not to participate, or that you are slightly under the weather, a sitting around all day equaling procrastination. As with any illness, but especially with M.E, its only fellow sufferers who genuinely under-stand and know what its like. Lets hope things change.

Amongst the feedback I received from the last Newsletter was a request for it to be a little more light-hearted. Well it’s a bit difficult as I think most of us would agree M.E is a very serious subject, but I do understand it can get a bit "heavy" reading of others troubles and case histories. This criticism is often made of the main M.E public-ations. Being much longer they sometimes are a bit of an endurance to read. But very useful if you find something that relates to your own situation. I think we also have a role to educate and spread the word about the problems that M.E. sufferers face. Mahboob showed her G.P a copy of the last Kickback, mainly for the bits about Ampligen. Her G.P was very interested and took the copy away with her!

Please send in any suggestions, criticisms, ideas, or articles you would like to include in future Kickbacks. Treatments or regimes that have helped (or hindered) you. Offers to host a group Meeting, and, or volunteers for "Members Profile" would be very welcome. The latter is quite painless, any picture will do, large or small (any imperfections can be edited out!), along with anything from a few lines to a half page about you, to give other members an idea. We do require a profile for the next issue, so if the telephone rings, it could be better to pre-empt my call! (PS.your article can be dictated to the answerphone)

We haven’t got any MEWL meetings this quarter but we hope to hold one in April/May, details of this will appear in the next newsletter. Also

the Network Mesh Newsletter hasn’t arrived yet so we don’t have any details of their meetings.

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