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 Our Neuters

AishiaAISHIA  is our oldest (feline) resident at about 10 years old.

She has a lovely personality and is a lap-hunter. Sit down and she's there in a flash. But she is no push over and can move like lightning if required.

We have found her to be proof that a breeding queen can retire successfully into a happy and contented home life.

Her favourite sleeping place apart from a lap is on top of the television, preferably switched on and being watched at the time.


JasperJASPER is a large neutered boy. He is the most friendly cat you could hope to meet, often bushing out his tail in pleasure and rolling at the smallest attention.

He has a nice marbled coat with lots of desirable rufus colouring and glitter.

Due to an eye injury in his first weeks we were not able to show him which is unfortunate as he has the personality. Jasper now resides (in the lap of luxury) with Tracey & Steve in Porringland.




RAJIQUE SONNET, neutered boy now about 18 months old.

We kept Sonnet and his brother RAJIQUE INCANTATION (Inca) to see how they would develop with a view to showing one or both of them. They have both become large powerful chaps ready to take on any challenge, but gentle and friendly too. Both are brown marbled.

With his brother they make a formidable pair not to be trifled with...



INDIA is a lovely brown spotted girl. She has never had kittens - we found that she was not happy with the mating process and did not feel that it was fair to expect her to carry on with it. She carried snow and we still speculate about what she might have produced with Caramelo..

Her litter brother is Solargem's Benlotte Calico.

Her mum is Aishia - the two of them are inseparable.


RHYME is a brown marbled retired queen, recently spayed. She is a real 'live wire'. If she likes you, no problem. If not, look out...






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