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Kitten Diary

This was a litter from Mabel and Caramelo. We followed their progress in photos from birth to 13 weeks, and hope to later include pictures of the kittens as they grow into big boys and girls in their new homes. Hope you enjoy looking at this diary as much as we enjoyed taking all the pics and putting it together.

Click on most of the pictures for a few more taken in the same photo session.

One of the previous litter from this mum and dad (the kitten pictured on our Home Page) was awarded Best of Foreign Variety Kitten at the Supreme Cat Show 2006 and another has been awarded First and Best of Breed at recent GCCF shows.


Mabel with kitten heap - approx. 24 hours old.

1 week old - a couple with eyes open (not focussing yet), bigger & feeding well..

2 weeks - eyes open, more mobile..click picture for more

3 weeks today - Mum's got her paws full now

4 weeks old today..it's a boy! weaning and trying out litter tray

Now 5 weeks old and growing fast

6 weeks old today - now a real team...

7 weeks old, in the fuzzies..

8 weeks...kittens with, err attitude.

9 weeks - just had first vaccinations and check ups

10 weeks old - big boys & girls - & much harder to get a good photo :-)

11 weeks old and growing fast .. ready for new challenges.

12 weeks - second vaccinations over with, we're 'cattens' now..

13 weeks..about to go to forever homes. Relaxed and pampered :-)

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