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Rajique Highoctane ,  pics courtesy owner Mrs L.Butters.


Rajique Incantation, Rajique Sonnet





A Blue-eyed snow spotted bengal was one of our first kittens. He has done extremely well in the show ring   for owners Paul and Frances Wilson  and is now a successful stud cat.  India is his litter sister.

Bengals love water.. Rajique Magnolia, aoec snow spotted, from Caramelo & Rosie.


Rajique Pamina (Artemis) in her secure garden area. Pic courtesy of Dr & Mrs Greenberg


Rajique Jemima. A brown spotted girl with a super temperament. From Honey & Caramelo. Photo courtesy of owner, Miss A.Vancraeynest.

Chicco. A cat with a strong personality and a good sense of humour. Apparently Father Christmas is a bengal cat.


Kittens from Caramelo & Honey.

Kittens from Honey & Bambino Explorer

Bengals get on well with other cats..a lovely Aby here (thanks to owner for pics)

Kitten from Rhyme & Caramelo..mischief in mind no doubt.

Helping in the garden..

Caramelo - taking a nap..

Brown marbled babies from Mabel & Caramelo

Rajique Tolemeo. Pic courtesy owners, Christopher & Romina

Normally we don't let our cats scrounge scraps..but who could get cross with Kiwi?

Jasper helping with the unpacking..thanks to Tracey for pic


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