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Frequently Asked Questions


   Rajique Jemima

Can I let my kitten /cat out? In our opinion it is not desirable to allow cats outside other than in an enclosed secure run area. 

Should I have a boy or a girl?  Generally speaking the boys grow to be slightly bigger than the girls. Girls are slimmer and perhaps less robust looking. Both sexes can be very affectionate. After neutering the boys can put on unwanted weight more easily than the girls but in a household with one or two cats only this is fairly easy to manage.

What sort of things do bengals do -  are they naughty?? They can be taught to fetch balls and toys and perform simple tricks. We have cats which drink from the tap,  paddle in water, open doors by pulling on handles, swing on the top of doors, ride on shoulders. If you are looking for a quiet lap cat we doubt whether you would be reading this!

What about neutering? Kittens will be sold on the GCCF non active register. Generally girls will come into season before boys become mature. The appropriate age for neutering / spaying will vary and you should take advice from your vet and us on this. A good guideline would be six months old for girls, six to nine months for boys.

Should I have one kitten or a pair? Again this is a matter of personal preference, space and of course cost. However it is true that one kitten home alone for most of the day could be a recipe for boredom and possibly antisocial behaviour - but this is not always the case. If you are out at work most days it may well be better to have two kittens together - in the long run they will entertain each other and even if you are around most of the time as they grow up life is likely to be easier with a pair. Of course it's not necessary to have two bengals, one could be a moggie or another breed, although the ideal pairing is litter siblings as the initial settling in is much easier.

Playfighting brown marbled with lovely burmese

Will a new kitten get on with my present cat? Almost certainly. We have never had a situation (fingers crossed) where apart from initial 'big hair' issues integration has been a problem. Of course it can take a little time and may be stressful. With a well established cat in situ there might be a problem but we are more than happy to advise and assist. Bengals seem to get on well with other breeds - our kittens have gone to live with burmese, siamese, serengeti, abyssinian, somali, maine coon and other breeds. Who is the 'boss' in these pairings is anyone's guess..

I've been told bengals are 'wild' - is this so? No. Bengals are bred carefully to specific breed standards (like other pedigree cats) to replicate the exotic look of their wild Asian Leopard Cat ancestors but in a normal friendly domestic cat. We have found by experience that home raising kittens from proven good tempered parents and loving them as pets whilst they are here with us will produce kittens capable of giving that love back and living as happy and perhaps naughty - but not wild - pets at their forever homes.

How many cats do you have? Ten, all bengals living with us as pets. Four are breeding queens, one stud boy, five neuters kept as pets. The oldest is about 10 years old, the youngest 1 year.

What varieties of bengal do you breed? Mainly brown marbled and brown spotted with occasional snows.

How much do these kittens cost? A brown spotted kitten would typically cost between 350 and 450. Brown marbled 400 to 500. Snows 500 to 600.  Prices are for a kitten registered on the GCCF non active register (not for breeding).

What is this Agreement you ask buyers to sign? We ask new owners to sign the GCCF's Standard Contract for Sale and agree to their standard terms and conditions.

Will my kitten be registered? Yes, with the GCCF on the non active register. We will have registered him or her by the time you collect the kitten and will send you a transfer slip at about the time the kitten is due to be spayed / neutered. There is a small fee payable to the GCCF for this transfer (currently 9).

Can I take my kitten away with me on my first visit if he or she is old enough? No. We need to be happy that you are happy with the kitten and we need to mutually agree on the way he or she will be kept. We are not prepared to ship a kitten or let him or her go other than with the new owner.

Can you describe the bengal temperament? Active, interested, busy, lively, nosey, mischievous, amusing, often cuddly on his / her own terms only, never aloof, always in charge, loving, dependable, sometimes naughty, clever, very resourceful. 

Should I visit several breeders? By all means do so, but preferably not on the same day. If you do go from us to another breeder or come here from another breeder's premises there is a chance of infections being passed. Please tell us and them if you intend to do this.


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Frequently Asked Questions