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Keeling Anthony, BSc, has over 30 years' experience in middle-management in BT, including work study, computer database specification, analysis & reporting of statistics, personnel & safety practices, disaster prevention, and customer-satisfaction survey design.  Having been re-trained by "Working for a Charity", he then took "early release" in order to offer Consultancy services to Charities.  He was and is a Trustee (or a Governor) of a variety of Christian organisations and training establishments.

Rosemary Anthony, LLB, his wife, trained as a Barrister and spent 6 years in legal publishing before getting married.  Her subsequent experience includes work in the Citizens' Advice Bureau and several years of voluntary work in a variety of Christian organisations, including experience in mail-order and the handling of correspondence courses.
Rosemary also paints oil paintings - see http://www.artra.me.uk

Together, we also spent one year on a Contract with an international Christian Mission, providing & improving Office Administration, finding & implementing ways of reducing their admin costs, and trebling their mail-order sales.

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