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Administrative and other services

Example:  We have provided part-time Database, Mail-Order, tape copying and Web-site design & maintenance services for a Christian Bible teacher & preacher. 

We offer –

Services from our home

Management of small mailing lists;
Data improvement & analysis;
Grant-seeking from Charitable Trusts (for details, click here).

Services at your office

Part-time or temporary office administration while new procedures are being set up, or permanent staff (or volunteers) are being found;
Survey visits to identify priority areas for attention, followed by a report & recommendations.


We offer broad general advice over many areas of activity, eg:

Cost reduction:  banking, telecomms, energy, postage, photocopying & reprographic charges
Improving the effectiveness of your publicity:  are your prayer needs specific?; "house style"
Review of mailing services:  is it easy for recipients to respond?  Is your database up-to-date and informative?  Are you making all the new contacts that you could?
Volunteers:  finding them & using them effectively
Office practices:  are you complying with current Charity law?  Health & Safety?  Minimum Wage? Working Hours?  Data Protection?

Where an area needs detailed & specialist attention, we may be able to recommend suitable experts.  For example, we are not

Specialist financial advisors, but we may help you to organise your book-keeping.
Specialist database designers, but we can advise what options are available from whom and at what cost.
Translators, but we might identify opportunities for use of your material abroad and recommend Christian translators for the languages concerned.

Home management

Rosemary also advises Christian families on how to apportion their time, reducing domestic stress and releasing parents’ quality time for their children.

Can we help you?

If so, contact us.

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Enquiries or comments?  Email , including "KRACSS" in the "Subject:" line.
This page last updated 07 Dec 2005 .