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A guide to making homes more sustainable with tips on what you can do.

Thornhill ecohouse is a three bedroom family house that was designed to be beautiful and comfortable to live in but which was as compatible with sustainable living as we could make it. We wanted to reduce our impact on the planet while enhancing quality of life and biodiversity.
Our decisions came from considering ourselves in our local situation - thinking about issues such as enhancing local economy, reducing resource use, energy conservation and harvesting, use of non-polluting materials, and the value of wildlife and beauty.


Click on the labels below to see details of features of the house.

We hope you find links to suppliers and websites useful. Their inclusion is based our opinion. We take no money for any of the links on this website.

With a design brief based our principles the house was designed by architect Andrew Yeats of ECO ARC
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What you can do


At the bottom of each page on this site is a section that gives links and ideas about what you can do to make your house more sustainable.

See the 'What you can do' page for a compilation of tips and links from all sections.


How many eco-house builders does it take to change a low-energy light bulb?:




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