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In 1999, being satisfied that the Tarrant flow problems were under careful investigation (albeit very slowly), the RTPS turned its attention to the valley environment.  An approach to the EA met with a ready response who commissioned an ecological survey of the whole river by the Chalkhill Environmental Consultants. This comprehensive document provides a bench mark of fauna & flora in and around the river. It will allow future changes to be measured & where necessary remedied.  Projects are well in hand with the EA to enhance the Tarrant environment.  The EA produced a very helpful leaflet which summarised their involvement with the Tarrant and contained suggestions for private individuals who wished to improve the value of their local part of the river. 
In the past two years, with the whole-hearted co-operation of some farmers, the EA has organised some environmental improvements to parts of the river which are to be applauded.  However more missionary work remains to be done on other stretches.

The use of water power is not restricted to earlier years and, for the ingenious, is still available.  A water turbine powers a pump which supplies water to the Tarrant Rawston farm.     Photo: Valerie Page

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