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1. World Cup Team

Yes, in the end
2. Win at National Championships Sort of: I had the fastest time in the relay (with a good run); I was 2nd in the Sprint (with a great run) and 3rd in the Individual (with a poor run).
3. 2x 10% results at World Cup Not achieved. Did 3 World Cup races, with results between 15.8% and 16.5%. I was not at best form for these; next year I will certainly be a better biathlete, and need to be on better form as well.
Overall, a satisfactory performance, except for the most important thing: the Olympic qualifying results. However, I am now (I think) established as a respectable member of the World Cup team, and so with the performance improvements I expect to make over the Summer getting the World Cup starts in December should be reasonably straightforward.

The season started slowly, with a couple of poor results at a pre-season event at Obertilliach and an atrocious Sprint in the first European Cup race; in the Pursuit I missed 2/20 for my first sub-10% time ever in a European Cup race (also my best shooting result yet). Things got gradually better.

After the new year, I found some much better form: at Forni Avoltri and Ridnaun; with a new micropeaking plan I was skiing quickly, shooting 70-80%. From there I went on to the intensive racing schedule of the TA champs (5 races in 9 days), which brought me to a peak at the national champs for the Sprint and Relay, skiing fast and shooting 95% for those two races. Thereafter my legs hurt more or less all the time (overdosed on skating?). At the World Champs I was not allowed to race, and did the wrong thing in staying there, as the training was not ideal (I should have gone straight home, and early to the USA).

By the time I raced on the World Cup in the USA, my form had gone, and I was not skiing very fast. As it happened, nor were the other Brits, so my results were close to theirs. I shot 70-80%.

Performance Analysis (Based on data from last 3 World Cup meets)

This season's performance

Next year's target Strategy
Ski Speed 18% back from the fastest 11% back

Another year's training, this time with a proper Spring build-up, will improve physical condition.

Improvements to ski technique: I think I now have a good understanding of skating technique that I can work on over the Summer. I also want to do a lot of general balance, coordination and core strength work.

Mental approach: I think I can learn to get more out of myself, and go faster by enduring more pain.

Shoot Accuracy 77% 90% I can make big improvements to my basic accuracy - my ability to shoot tight groups. Coupled with an improved understanding of how to train for shooting, this should be possible.
Shoot Speed 36 Seconds 31 Seconds There is a lot of redundant time in my preparation for standing shooting, while my prone rhythm will get faster with a more solid position.
Together, these improvements will bring me into the main 'pack' on the World Cup, which is where I want to be next year.