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September 2002
11 September, Kinloss, Scotland

Back where I belong, on training camp. Nice journey up on the sleeper train - except that the track was washed away around Inverness by the rain, so I had to get on a bus for the last few hours.

Good training here: a nice perimeter road around the RAF airfield, and a strange purpose-built range in a farmyard.

Did some intervals on my new super-slow Marwe roller-skis this afternoon, and found I am not strong enough to shift them properly. I certainly have done far less specific strength training this year than the last two.


12 September

A good, hard day's training: a modest hour and twenty of roller-ski combi this morning, while the others did a race; a hard hour in the gymn then an hour's run this afternoon, complete with a dip in the North Sea.

All sort of excitement this morning: Jo broke a binding, Scotty a pole and Carl Carrier was attacked by two pit-bull terriers that would not let go of his boots - his injuries were from tarmac rather than teeth, though there are some good teeth-marks in his boots. The police were very helpful.


14 September

This is a hard routine: 10 hours in the last 3 days is not an exceptional volume (or shouldn't be - this year it is), but I am trying to make it fairly intense. This afternoon a hard session in the gymn, then a race tomorrow morning, then the long drive South for work tomorrow. Each day by lunch-time I am tired, and by evening I long to fall into bed.

In the gymn I am a big fan of keeping things simple, so the RAF biathlon team's gymn is perfect for me: a roller-board, a chair for step-ups and a floor mat are enough for a really good session; the bench and Swiss ball are useful extras but luxuries really. 2' on the roller-board, 1' of abs, 2' of step-ups, 1' of back exercises: repeat for an hour or so for a surprisingly brutal session.