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Sunday 15th April

Pimlico, London

I am back working in internal audit, at the same place as last year. On my first day I forgot to shave or iron my shirt. But I am getting back into it now. The office is quite near the British Olympic Medical Centre, which is quite handy for sorting out the knee problem I have had since the Greenland race a year ago.

The break from training has really reminded me what I have to give up to do this biathlon: dinner parties, theatre, cinema and just being like everyone else for a while. If I could train properly in London (and afford it without a job) then it would be possible to be to that extent 'normal' but it's not possible to train, work and be sociable all at once - for biathlon it's not possible even just to work and train decently.

But the fun is over now: tomorrow I start training again. So I am eating a symbolic last tub of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, having just dined on a vast plate of roasted sausages with duck gravy: delicious.

25 April Hydrocortisone injection into the fat pad below my knee today - it has been vexing me since the Arctic Circle race a year ago, and I want get it sorted out before I start doing a lot of training.
29th April Starting shooting training again: shot yesterday at Ash, and today at Hampton Rifle Club. Finding it very hard going with my new stock (a Larsen, with some custom modifications). Yesterday I was shooting with every muscle in my body tense; today went much better. Shooting my usual mouldy groups this morning, then at the end tried shrinking my foresight (I have an adjustable foresight), and shot two groups of 5 rounds touching. I always wondered why I couldn't do that, and perhaps I have just found the answer.