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Hugh Pritchard

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2000/01 Season

Biathlon Information
Gear For Sale
Skiing Organisations
FIS International Ski Federation - if you find anything useful here you are doing well.
English Ski Council - Nordic Reasonably official ESC site
London Region Nordic Ski Club Britain's biggest XC ski racing club!
World Loppet Has links to the web sites of the individual World Loppet races (popular marathons, up to 12,000 racers).
Ski Interest Sites
Cross-country Ski World US site with lots of interesting stuff about XC racing, the best most comprehensive site in English.
Ski Faster US racing-specific site with some interesting articles
Subaru Factory Team A major US xc team
The Master Skier US racing magazine site
Italian Roller-Skiing Italian site in English, with some interesting articles and great photos
Norwegian XC racing site, some interesting titbits in English
Some Yankee XC racer. V interesting, with a diary.
Faster Skier Corey Smith's new site, general ski racing site with lots of interesting stuff.
Johann Mühlegg The great 'Spanish' skier and cheating scoundrel. Site in German, bits in English/Spanish.
Brendan Gabriel British junior XC squad member
Arctic Circle Race One of the world's great ski races?
British Roller-Skiing Obviously. Details of races and where to buy gear.
Italian roller-skiing Italian roller-ski site (also in English and German) full of interesting stuff, including history of roller-skiing, surveys, photos.
French roller-skiing More articles and photos...
Gear - Skiing & Training
Bob Anderson, former GB team coach (driver?), is now selling ski/biathlon gear. Mainly bulk orders pre-season, but he also keeps a stock. Agent for Germina, Madshus, Alpina, Exel. Good prices.
Maker of roller-boards for double-poling training
DIY Roller-Board US skier Mike Muha's roller-board design
DMS Roller-skis German maker of very tough, agonisingly slow, good value roller-skis. Their new (blue) wheels seem to wear out far faster than the old white ones, as well as being faster.
Marwe Roller-skis Finnish roller-skis: big range, their Skate 610 is my favourite roller-ski. Web site in Finnish (I'm sure it used to be in English), but they respond to Emails in English. Good challenge trying to guess Finnish words.
Rolec Roller-skis Swiss maker of weird-looking roller-skis.
Dynaskate roller-skis Interesting-looking roller skis from Norway
SiRiRo Roller-Skis Small specialist maker of mostly racing roller-skis, with some interesting ideas. Also does slow training wheels.
Tekno-Fuel Small British supplier of excellent value carbohydrate powders etc (mail-order only).
Science in Sport British maker of top-of-the-range fuel and recovery mixes. Refuses to guarantee that they are free of illegal substances.