In the Beginning……

We have always been an ‘animal mad’ family, with the usual myriad of pets, including dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and fish. We always had poodles as pets, and bred a litter in 1976. We’ll never forget that night, the puppies just kept on coming and we ended up with 12! This brought us our first taste of fame through dogs, as we, and the puppies, were featured in the local newspaper!! It was then that the ‘Harana’ affix was born, used to register this, our first ever litter (for those wondering ‘Harana’ is an amalgamation of the first three letters of my Dads name and the last three of my Mums – Harold & Diana!)
When I was 9 years old my cat died and I was promised a dog of my own. Although, at that time we still had a Miniature Poodle, I fancied a spaniel and had set my heart on a golden cocker. However, some friends of ours, whose daughter I regularly played with, had recently bought a ‘black & white spaniel’ and I fell in love. After a bit of research, we discovered it was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. So, the local newspaper was scoured and a blenheim boy duly arrived, bought from Sheila Collier of the Sheilings affix. Sheila ran a ring craft club at the time and encouraged us to take him along. We thoroughly enjoyed it and started to enter him at a few shows. A few months down the line, and a few prize cards on the wall, and we were well and truly bitten by the bug!! He was an Astraddle Sigh 'n’ Nara son who was by the legendary Ch.Crisdig Leading Seaman.
We went to Crufts for the first time in 1980 and sat watching the judging. We found two types that we admired, kept jumping out at us. They were Mrs Burgess’ ‘Crisdigs’ and the Frys’ ‘Amantras’
We approached the Frys and they agreed to sell us a 12 month old tri bitch called Sea Pearl of Amantra. She was a daughter of  Amantra Naval Encounter,  who was a son of Ch.Amantra Anchors Away, and gave us our first real success in the ring, winning well at Open Shows. We approached them again and this time bought a tri dog called Amantra Arrowmint who was by Amantra Dicky Mint.
We then bought a Ch.Alansmere Aquarius granddaughter, Cottismeer Corsage at Harana, from Lorraine Higgins and a blenheim dog from Clive & Iris Marriott, Burkwoodi Down Town Boy at Harana. He was another Leading Seaman Grand-son and these four dogs were the foundation for all our parti-colours.
Corsage, mated to Down Town Boy, produced Harana Down Town Boogie, our first homebred Crufts qualifier in 1984. We were thrilled when Mrs Burgess asked to use Down Town Boogie on Ch.Crisdig Girl Friday. Two puppies resulted and we were lucky enough to buy one back. She was Crisdig Caribbean of Harana and when mated to Toraylac Christopher Robin (twice) produced Ch.Harana Christa at Toraylac, Harana Chumley, and Fr.Ch.Harana Constance. She also produced Harana Jemima, from a mating to Harana Hanky Panky. She was the dam of Harana Jean Muir – Bitch CC Crufts 2001 and Int.Ch.Harana Captain Whiskey who had quite an impact on the wholecolours in Scandinavia.

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