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We encourage anyone with an interest in celebrities to link to the Celebs Webs website. This is because the more visitors there are to the site, the more celebrity web sites will be brought to the attention of Celebs Webs via user suggestions. The result will be a much larger directory of celebrity web sites giving all users an improved service.

Linking to Celebs Webs couldn't be easier and can be achieved with a graphical or simple text link. To create a graphical link to Celebs Webs simply right click on one of the following Celebs Webs banners and choose to save the image. The next step is to place the image on one of the pages on your web site and link it to If you would prefer to make a text link simply link your text to All links are very much appreciated.



If you feel that none of these are suitable simply let us know. Tell us what sort of graphic you would like and we will sort something out, just fill out this form

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