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This site has one page per season, and gives the title, original transmission date, the whole number and the season number.

The "whole number" system is a little eccentric — some two-part stories are counted as one episode, eg Old Man Out is given as 2a and 2b, while others, eg The Contender, is counted as 54 & 55. However, this system follows that given in The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier, (see below), and is used for that reason. The order is the one that the scripts were accepted, not the broadcast order — that is given by the season numbers. Each part of a multi-part story is always numbered individually in the season list.

There are pages with straight lists of the episodes, with separate pages giving brief synopses. Episode titles are not given on screen, and it's often very difficult to identify an episode from its title alone.

If you know the title of an episode, but don't know what season it is from, the Episode List page has an alphabetical listing of all the episodes.

The regular team members throughout the run are shown on the Cast page.

Book cover - US edition

A lot more details about the series can be found in The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier, by Patrick J White, published in the UK in 1996 by Boxtree Ltd at £12.99, ISBN 0-7522-0210-3. It is a "trade" format soft cover book, running to 456 pp, and containing details, cast lists and background information about the original series, with a brief section on the 1988/90 revival. There are numerous black and white photographs of the shows themselves, backstage shots and publicity pictures.

The book was originally published in 1991 by Avon Books in the US.

Unfortunately, this book is now out of print on both sides of the Atlantic, although there may still be copies around on bookstores' shelves, and it does sometimes turn up on ebay and in the UK in shops selling remaindered books for £10 or less.

Book cover - UK edition

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