Mission: Impossible

The Original Television Series

Season 2

Cast picture

Barney, Willy
Jim, Cinnamon

Season 2, 1967/68, 25 episodes
Producer Joseph Gantman
Regular Team: Jim, Rollin, Cinnamon, Barney, Willy

The opening credits for the second season were:

Peter Graves as Jim Phelps Martin Landau as Rollin Hand Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter Greg Morris as Barney Peter Lupus as Willy

Steve Hill, who played Impossible Missions Force leader Dan Briggs in the first season, had proved increasingly difficult to work with, and it was decided to replace him. Peter Graves joined the cast as Jim Phelps, and took over the job of receiving the self-destroying messages and assembling the team from the black folder. Otherwise, the cast remained the same as before. Desilu had now got Martin Landau under contract, although only for one season, and Rollin became “officially” a regular character.

Desilu Studios, who made Mission: Impossible and another little-known series, Star Trek, were bought by their next door neighbour, Paramount Pictures, and became Paramount Television in July 1967. The Desilu logo still appeared on screen during most of season two, but with a line of text underneath indicating that the show was the copyright of Paramount Pictures. The logo disappeared towards the end of the season, being replaced by the Paramount Television logo itself.

Desilu/Paramount logo Paramount logo
©Paramount Pictures
24 Sep 1967 28 B1 3 The Survivors
17 Sep 1967 29 B2 2 Trek
1 Oct 1967 30 B3 4 The Bank
22 Oct 1967 31 B4 7 Operation — “Heart”
8 Oct 1967 32a B5a 5 The Slave (Part 1)
15 Oct 1967 32b B5b 6 The Slave (Part 2)
10 Sep 1967 33 B6 1 The Widow
29 Oct 1967 34 B7 8 The Money Machine
5 Nov 1967 35 B8 9 The Seal
12 Nov 1967 36 B9 10 Charity
19 Nov 1967 37a B10a 11 The Council (Part 1)
26 Nov 1967 37b B10b 12 The Council (Part 2)
10 Dec 1967 38 B11 14 Echo of Yesterday
3 Dec 1967 39 B12 13 The Astrologer
17 Dec 1967 40 B13 15 The Photographer
7 Jan 1968 41 B14 16 The Spy
14 Jan 1968 42 B15 17 A Game of Chess
21 Jan 1968 43 B16 18 The Emerald
28 Jan 1968 44 B17 19 The Condemned
4 Feb 1968 45 B18 20 The Counterfeiter
18 Feb 1968 46 B19 21 The Town
28 Feb 1968 47 B20 22 The Killing
3 Mar 1968 48 B21 23 The Phoenix
10 Mar 1968 49 B22 24 Trial by Fury
17 Mar 1968 50 B23 25 Recovery

Episodes were often not broadcast in the same order that they were produced, especially at the begining of a season. I have therefore given three numbers in this table.
The episode number represents the production order over the entire series, the season number represents the episode production order within the season, and TX Order represents the original transmission order.
For example, The Survivors was the 28th episode made, the first season two episode made, but the third shown.
Desilu's convention was to give double episodes, such as The Slave, just one episode number.
Click on the links in the list to see a brief synopsis of the episode. (No spoilers.)

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