Mission: Impossible

The Original Television Series

Season 1

Cast picture: Barney, Dan, Cinnamon, Willy

Barney, Dan, Cinnamon, Willy

Season 1, 1966/67, 27 episodes plus the pilot show
Producer Joseph Gantman

Regular Team: Dan Briggs is leader of the Impossible Missions Force, apparently an independent organisation that undertakes under cover work for the US government, and he usually recruits stage magician Rollin Hand, model Cinnamon Carter, electronics expert Barney Collier and professional strong man Willy Armitage to assist him in his mission

The opening credits for the first season are:

Steven Hill as Dan Briggs Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter Greg Morris as Barney Collier Peter Lupus as Willy

In most shows, after the main credit sequence:

Martin Landau as Rollin Hand

The original regular cast consisted of Steve Hill, who played Dan Briggs, Barbara Bain, who played Cinnamon, Greg Morris, who played Barney and Peter Lupus, who played Willy. (More details on the Cast page.)

Martin Landau was not under contract for this series, but he appeared in the pilot as a guest star. His character was not intended to be a regular, but it proved very popular, and as a result Landau was hired (and paid) as a guest star for most shows in the first season.

The show was made by Desilu Productions, the studio founded by comedienne Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz, and originally aired on the CBS network.


17 Sep 1966 1 A1 1 Pilot
8 Oct 1966 2a A2a 4 Old Man Out (Part 1)
15 Oct 1966 2b A2b 5 Old Man Out (Part 2)
24 Sep 1966 3 A3 2 Memory
1 Oct 1966 4 A4 3 Operation Rogosh
22 Oct 1966 5 A5 6 Odds on Evil
12 Nov 1966 6 A6 9 A Spool There Was
3 Dec 1966 7 A7 12 Fakeout
29 Oct 1966 8 A8 7 Wheels
5 Nov 1966 9 A9 8 The Ransom
10 Dec 1966 10 A10 13 Elena
26 Nov 1966 11 A11 11 Zubrovnik's Ghost
28 Jan 1967 12 A12 18 The Trial
19 Nov 1966 13 A13 10 The Carriers
17 Dec 1966 14 A14 14 The Short Tail Spy
7 Jan 1967 15 A15 15 The Legacy
14 Jan 1967 16 A16 16 The Reluctant Dragon
21 Jan 1967 17 A17 17 The Frame
4 Feb 1967 18 A18 19 The Diamond
11 Feb 1967 19 A19 20 The Legend
25 Feb 1967 20 A20 22 The Confession
18 Feb 1967 21 A21 21 Snowball in Hell
4 Mar 1967 22 A22 23 Action!
18 Mar 1967 23 A23 24 The Train
25 Mar 1967 24 A24 25 Shock
1 Apr 1967 25 A25 26 A Cube of Sugar
15 Apr 1967 26 A26 27 The Traitor
22 Apr 1967 27 A27 28 The Psychic

Episodes were often not broadcast in the same order that they were produced, especially at the begining of a season. I have therefore given three numbers in this table.
The episode number represents the production order over the entire series, the season number represents the episode production order within the season, and TX Order represents the original transmission order.
For example, Operation Rogosh was the fourth episode made, but the third shown.
Desilu's convention was to give double episodes, such as Old Man Out, just one episode number.
Click on the links in the list to see a brief synopsis of the episode. (No spoilers.)

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