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Other Mission: Impossible sites on the Web:

English language sites

Paramount's official site at only features the second movie (see the Home Page). In fact, I didn't get anything at all the last time I tried this link.

There's a site being developed at which is well worth a visit. Episodes are sorted into various categories - Death Sentence, Casinos, Illegal Drugs, etc, etc.

Felix Fischer has an excellent site, featuring lots of Mission: Impossible memorabilia. There are pictures of books, comics, magazines, movie posters, and lots more, at, and it’s in both German and English.

Mike Quigley has a page giving a complete list of almost ALL the tape scenes descriptions at Thanks to Francisco Duarte Pedro for that.

Alistair Cockeram has resurrected his site at

Llwyd has an extensive site on makeup in the movies and on TV, with some 4000 images of actresses in makeup; there's a section on Mission: Impossible at

Another page here, with trivia and an episode list:

TV Tome’s: Guide Pages are at

The Fifties Web pages are at

Tim’s TV Showcase at includes some TV Guide covers featuring Mission: Impossible.

The Un-Official Mission: Impossible Homepage is a bit tricky to navigate, and is not yet complete, but there’s a lot of good stuff there.

Jimmy has started a Mission: Impossible Yahoo discussion group at He has also uploaded pictures, magazine interviews, and lots of other stuff.

French sites

There is a French site (in French, naturally) at

German sites

As well as having his own site at, Felix Fischer has also written to say: there is a serial-guide about the original series (in German) at and the new '88 ones at Felix says that unfortunately these pages have a lot of commercials, and look rather overcrowded.

Benjamin Niermann runs another nice German site at

Felix has a comprehensive list of German sites on his web site. Go to and click on deutschsprachigen Internetseiten or go to and click on Links to German websites.

Italian sites

Valerio has a very comprehensive site at, covering the movies, as well as the TV shows.


There is a Mission Impossible newsgroup -

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, although best known as Star Trek's Mr Spock, played Paris in seasons 4 and 5.

The UK-based Official Leonard Nimoy Fan Club, authorised by Leonard (1996), covers all of his work, including MI, at

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