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Mission: Impossible on DVD
Season 2 on DVD
Season 2 DVD cover

Region 1 is available now has it for $34.99 (list $49.99). Stuart has emailed to tell us that DeepDiscount has it for only $22.47 at present. Amazon say that the region 1 discs have English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles, and English and Spanish audio tracks. have it for CDN$44.96 (list CDN$57.75). The Canadian release apparently has the same language options as the US, so bad luck if you're French-speaking!

Region 2 is available now

The last time I checked, had it for £33.95,'s price is £32.89, and and both have it for a penny or two under £34, and at Benson's World it's £39.99 (The rrp is £44.99, and that's what it will cost you online from HMV!).
There are no details of any subtitles, and the only language given is English.'s price is €49,99.

The Belgian company Mediasdis have it for 44,99 €. They say the soundtrack is in English (5.1), French, German and Spanish (all mono), with subtitles in Danish, Dutch, English, English Hearing Impaired, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish

DVD-Palace say the German version of the first half of season 2 is due on 7 Jun. They say there should be subtitles in German, English, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish.

Australian Region 4 available now

The Australian region 4 release is available for AU$44.83 (inc GST) from EzyDVD and AU$39.98 from JB HiFi.
There are soundtracks in English, French, Spanish and German, and subtitles in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

Season 1 on DVD
DVD Cover

Prices: the US list price is $49.99, but have it for less (it was $32.99 the last time I looked), DeepDiscount have it for $34.88 and Barnes & Noble have a members price of $35.99 at the moment.

The Canadian list price is CDN$55.96, but have it for CDN$46.20.

The UK list price is rather higher - £44.99, although HMV's online price is £24.99 (it may cost more in their stores), have it for £26.49, Choices for £33.69, for £14.97, and Play for £24.99

The Australian rrp is AU$45.95, but you can get it from DVD Crave for AU$42.02. have a French price of 49,99 €, although's price has now risen to 65,71 €.

In Germany, season one was issued in two parts, and has them for €29,95 each, or €59,90 for the pair (no discount for buying both together, then!).

Those were the prices I found when I checked, but they are subject to change, and you may be able to find cheaper prices if you shop around.

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Mission: Impossible in the UK

Below is the result of a search of DigiGuide's database for any Mission: Impossible broadcasts to the UK over the next couple of weeks:

Season 2 on five US

The digital channel five US are showing seasons 1 & 2 in a highly eccentric order. Also, it looks as if the shows have been edited - the ones I checked ran for less than 45 minutes, rather than the original 48 minutes for PAL transfers! Note the times change from 11 Jun.

five US is on Freeview 35, Sky 207 and Virgin TV 185

five US:

Radio Times:

Mission: Impossible in North America


KDOC in Los Angeles has shown MI in the past, but it won't be showing it again until after the summer (or maybe longer - see below).

The URL for KDOC's website is:

Tim Laird has written to tell me that: Mission:Impossible is back at midnight on Sunday nights (actually very early Monday mornings!) on MeTV out of Chicago.

The URL for MeTV's website is:

Equity Broadcasting Network

Fredric J Einstein has written to say that, with a linear Ku-band satellite dish and an inexpensive MPEG-2 DVB receiver, you can receive Mission: Impossible on a number of free-to-air stations run by the Equity Broadcasting Network (he says there’s nothing illegal about receiving their stations — they are not scrambled in any way). Mission: Impossible is shown daily on four or five Equity stations, in original broadcast order on the following two MPEG-2/DVB bouquets:

Satellite: Galaxy 10R
Frequency: 11720 MHz
Polarity: Vertical (you must use a linear Ku-band LNB — a DISH Network or DIRECTV LNB won’t work)
S/R: 27690

Satellite: Galaxy 10R
Frequency:11800 MHz
Polarity: Vertical
S/R 27690

There are a number of stations in these two bouquets that carry Mission: Impossible including KWWF-RTN, KEGS-RTN, KQUP-RTN, WPXS-RTN, and KTVC-RTN at various hours of the day and evening.

Kymberleigh Richards has written to say:

I’ve gotten access to a database used by media ad buyers and have used it to determine what stations (some apparently affiliated with the Equity Broadcasting Network/Retro Television Network, others apparently not) are currently airing MI.

I cannot guarantee the longevity of any of these scheduled times, although they appear (at least for the moment) to be consistent week-to-week.

Here is Kymberleigh’s list for June:
She says there are no new stations this month, nor additional airings added on existing stations. WBIF has cancelled the Saturday evening airing. WCPX/WSFJ have cancelled the Monday evening airing. WBFF/45.2, Baltimore MD has completely cancelled MI … a severe blow as they ran it every weeknight, plus an afternoon and evening airing on Sundays.

KFDF/10 Fort Smith AR: 7:00pm & 8:00pm Monday
KKYK/20 & 49, Little Rock AR: 11:00am Monday through Friday
WBTW/13.2, Myrtle Beach FL: 3:00pm Monday through Saturday
WBIF/51, Panama City FL: 7:00pm Monday through Friday (see note)
WSAV/3.2, Savannah GA: 3:00pm Monday through Saturday
KHHB/5, Hilo HI: 8:00pm seven days a week
KWWF/22, Cedar Rapids IA: 8:00pm Monday through Friday
KWCE/27, Alexandria LA: 11:00pm Monday through Thursday, 9:00pm Sunday
WPXS/13 & KUMO/51, St. Louis MO: 8:00pm Monday through Friday (see note)
KGIN/11.2 & KOLN/10.2, Lincoln NE: 7:00pm Sunday
KEGS/7 & 63 and KRRI/25, Reno/Las Vegas NV: 8:00pm Monday through Friday (see note)
WNGS/67, WKBW/7.2 & WONS/25, Buffalo NY: 8:00pm Monday through Friday, 7:00pm Saturday (see note)
WCPX/48 & WSFJ/51, Columbus OH: 10:00pm Sunday
KTVC/36 & KAMK/53, Eugene OR: 8:00pm Monday through Friday (see note)
WBGN/59, Pittsburgh PA: 11:00pm Monday through Friday
KCBU/2.2, Salt Lake City UT: 10:00pm Monday through Thursday, 3:00pm Saturday
WAHU/27.2, Charlottesville VA: 1:00pm Monday through Friday (see note)
KQUP/24 & 47, Spokane WA: 9:00pm Monday through Thursday

WBIF and WNGS/WKBW/WONS pre-empt MI as needed to carry baseball.

Oddities (some of these may have been this way all along, but Kymberleigh only found out recently):
WPXS is simulcast on KUMO.
KTVC is simulcast on KAMK.
KEGS operates on two channels in Las Vegas and it is simulcast on KRRI.
WNGS is also carried on the second digital channel of WKBW and simulcast on WONS.

It is also possible (but unconfirmed, as these stations are not included in the database Kymberleigh checks) that the following stations are also carrying the national RTN feed, which would put MI on at 8:00pm local time Monday through Friday:
K28FM/28, Yuma AZ
KDEV/39, Denver CO
WBLU/62, Lexington KY
KLBC/2, Laughlin NV/Bullhead City AZ
KTUW/16 & KDEV/33, Cheyenne WY/Scottsbluff NE

The “.2” channels are unique to American television nowadays; with our conversion to digital transmission, stations can operate more than one program channel per broadcast transmission.  The “.2” channels are receivable by digital TV receivers as subchannels of the main channel, and I have identified them in the channel format in which a DTV receiver would identify them.

AmericanLife TV Network to show M:I from October

Kymberleigh has discovered from TVNewsday’s website that the cable company AmericanLife TV Network (“your Baby Boomer TVSM choice”) has acquired the rights to M:I from October this year. They describe it as a “long-term agreement”, and it remains to be seen whether this results in M:I disappearing from other outlets in the US. Kymberleigh says that AmericanLife is available on most of the cable systems owned by Time Warner. It is also carried on the smaller non-Time Warner cable systems, so this move will bring M:I into homes of a significant part of the population.
This link lets you read the story for yourself (you’ll have to register first), although there’s not much more there than I’ve told you:

High definition test

HDNET, a high-definition channel available via DirecTV, did a test broadcast of one episode (The Hostage) early in July 2003, to gauge viewers' interest. However, there's no sign of them taking this any further.

Direct TV:


TV Land

Canadian TV Land has shown Mission: Impossible in the past, although it doesn't appear in their current schedule.


Mission: Impossible in Australia

Michael Smith from Sydney writes to say that Fox Classics have re-vamped their schedule, and no more M:I episodes are scheduled at present.


Thanks again Michael for all that.

Mission: Impossible in Mainland Europe


TV Breizh, based in Britanny, are showing Mission: Impossible at present late at night, although their web site is “under construction”, and has no details.


Série-Club TV channel has shown Mission: Impossible in the past, although it doesn’t seem to be on at the moment.



Kabel 1 has shown Mission: Impossible in the past, but I don't believe they have it on at the moment.

Link: To find MI, enter Kobra in the search-field (Suchen).


TvDanmark 1 has shown Mission: Impossible in the past, although they don't seem to be broadcasting it at present.


The Netherlands

The Dutch satellite TV channel SBS6 on the Astra satellite, 12.441 V, SBS6, V0523 - A0651, A028B, V020B [encrypted], has shown the 1988-89 series, although they're not doing so at the moment (thanks to Marco Kerk for the update).



Kanal 5 shows the original and the 1980s series on an intermittent schedule


Magazine Article

Issue #124, dated March 2000, of the UK Magazine TV Zone had an article on the 6th season episode Encore, with lots of screen shots.

TV Zone #124

The Movies

This site doesn’t really deal with the Mission: Impossible movies — I think the first one only bore a very slight resemblance to the TV series, and the resemblance is even slighter for the second (M:i-2). However, the films proved popular, with the first taking $454m, and the second $546m. The receipts for the latest film were said to be “disappointing”, although it still managed to gross $48 million for its US opening weekend.

Paramount’s official site at has information about the third movie M:i:III.

You can also visit my Johnny Castaway site by clicking here.

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