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The original Mission: Impossible television show was created by Bruce Geller and was initially made at Desilu Studios in Los Angeles. Paramount, who bought Desilu in 1967, continued to produce the show. It was made in colour, and it ran for about 168 episodes (the exact number depends on how you count multi-part episodes) on CBS Television, between 17 Sep 1966 and 30 Mar 1973.

In the UK, Mission: Impossible was originally broadcast by ITV, the long-defunct Rediffusion broadcasting the first episode (The Traitor, actually the penultimate show of season 1) in the London area on Friday 5 January 1968. The second episode broadcast was The Frame, the 17th episode made. Other ITV companies also showed some or all of the first season.

The BBC acquired the rights, and showed episodes on BBC1, repeating some on BBC2 in the 1980s. For the BBC2 repeats, they continued the tradition of showing them in an apparently random order, mixing programmes from seasons 2-7 (none of the first season's episodes were shown).

Channel 4 bought the UK rights to the first 5 seasons in 1995, and have shown all the first four seasons, and all but one of season 5 [I don't think they've shown Takeover yet]. This time the broadcast order was more logical, but still varied from both the production and original (CBS) airing order. The show was initially broadcast on Sundays, first at 12:10 pm and then at 10:40 am, but then switched to Saturdays at 11 am, with A10, Zubrovnik's Ghost, being broadcast well out of sequence at 2:00 am on 31 Dec 1997. The next broadcasts were between 20 July and 28 August 1998, showing seasons three, four and five episodes on Sundays at 1:00 pm and on weekdays at 12:30 pm, although they missed some episodes out. They showed some of these "missing" season four episodes in an early morning slot at around 1 am on Fridays, from 14 May to 11 June 1999, four more between 15 October and 19 November 1999, and the remainder in the early hours of Wednesday mornings during June, July and August 2000. They continued into September 2000 showing season five episodes in the early hours of Wednesday mornings; then they intermittently showed episodes on various days in the early hours up until March 2001, eventually showing almost all the season five episodes. Having shown all (or virtually all) the shows they bought, C4 no longer have the rights.

The UK satellite channel Granada Plus had the rights as of Autumn 1998, and so far they've only shown episodes from seasons 2 to 5, and the first episode of season 6. G+ originally stripped the show from Monday to Saturday, with an additional transmission on Saturdays, and it screened the show in more or less the original production order. These broadcasts ceased in March 1999. They showed seasons four and five episodes on Saturdays, and then Fridays during September to November, and then stripped the show from Monday to Friday from mid December 1999 to mid January 2000. During Summer 2000 they showed the programme on Mondays to Fridays at 10 am, and on Saturdays at 9 am. They went back to seasons three and four again, and, from June until August 2001, stripped episodes from Monday to Saturday at 10 am. From the middle of August, they dropped the weekday showings, and the Saturday showings stopped at the beginning of November.

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