GnuDawn Mission: Impossible Season 2 cast

The Original Television Series

The Impossible Missions Force Regulars:


Dan Briggs (A) played by STEVEN HILL

Jim Phelps

Jim Phelps (B-G) played by PETER GRAVES

Rollin Hand

Rollin Hand (A-C) played by MARTIN LANDAU


The Great Paris (D, E) played by LEONARD NIMOY


Barney Collier (A-G) played by GREG MORRIS


Cinnamon Carter (A-C) played by BARBARA BAIN


Tracey (D - four episodes) played by LEE MERIWETHER


Dana Lambert (E) played by LESLEY WARREN


Casey (F, G) played by LYNDA DAY GEORGE


Willy Armitage (A-G) played by PETER LUPUS


Dr Doug Robert (aka Lang) (E, F) played by SAM ELLIOTT


Mimi Davies (G) played by BARBARA ANDERSON

Letters in brackets refer to the seasons in which the characters appear, (A) for season one, (B) for two, etc.

GREG MORRIS appeared in almost all the shows, and PETER LUPUS appeared in most of them, taking a bigger part in the later seasons. In season 5 he alternated with SAM ELLIOTT. BARBARA ANDERSON appeared in season 7 while LYNDA DAY GEORGE was having a baby.

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