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De Brissac Bernard's in South Africa


Agnes Bernard [nee Wilkes]
Married to James De Brissac Bernard



Edith Mary Walton      



     Deidre Molly Douglas


Horace Hale Walton  at his grand daughter Deirdre Molly Douglas' marriage 26 April 1962

 Isabella Straffen wife of John Frederick Bernard        


John Frederick Bernard with his son

Cyril Frederick De Brissac Bernard




 John Frederick Bernard in Durban, Natal, South Africa


Cyril Frederick De Brissac Bernard and his wife Marie Kathleen Bernard [they are first cousins] married 22 June 1920,  Christ Church, Bexley Heath, Kent, England. 


 Marie is the daughter of Edward and Edith Mary Louisa Bernard of England. Edward [Solicitor] is the son of John Frederick Bernard and Emily Crowdy.
Marie was known as Kathleen to the family.