Stereoscopic Video flight Around Mt St Helens, Washington State, USA

Topographical data of Mt St Helens was taken from Digital Elevation Maps of the United States Geological Survey
Texture mapping was generated with Terragen. The great surface map settings were
created by (AFAIK) Kees Veenenbos His renderings are first class and the website is worth a visit!

The Stereoscopic camera (left/right eye) positions were calculated from an original CamPath
script using StereoScopic. Both programs written by Sean O'Malley.

The virtual camera separation was 10 metres / 33 feet
The Left/Right views were rendered separately, the BMP files were then combine into two
(left/right) AVI files with VirtualDub. An Avisynth script was then used to combine the two files
into a side by side crossed format, loaded into VirtualDub, frameserved to TMPGenc and saved
as an MPEG-1 file.

Mt St Helens, Washington State, USA

To download a video segment, RIGHT Click on an image and
"Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Netscape).

Stereoscopic image of Mt St Helens
Size: 3.5MB, MPEG-1 Crossed format, Duration 17 seconds, 25fps

(Cross your eyes to fuse the two images into one stereo image)

Viewing software

3D Movie Plus or Michal Husak's
Stereoscopic video player to view the video in Stereoscopic 3D.

Example of Interlaced Stereoscopic 3D

The images should be viewed with Liquid Crystal Shutter 3D glasses.
(Left/right images are interleaved)
Shutter glasses usually oscillate at 100-160Hz for flicker free stereo viewing
stereoscopic interlaced image of Mt St Helens.  To be viewed with LC shutter glasses.
Interlaced Stereoscopic Image

Source of LC Shutter 3D Stereo Glasses:
I-O Displays: H3D and I-Glasses 3D
I-Art 3D
eDimensional: E-D Glasses