Very frequently we discover that our ancestors originate from an area of the British Isles with which we are unfamiliar. If we do not know the names of parishes or churches in the vicinity this can make researching difficult unless we consult reference books.
This is where Parish Locator can help you. We have created a database of almost 25,000 parishes and churches throughout England, Scotland and Wales. From the full listing you are able to select a 'Home' parish around which you need to identify other churches. You can enter a distance in either miles or kilometers from the 'Home' parish and request a listing of all such churches from the database within that radius.
The listing may be printed or saved to file. This shows the names of the churches within the specified radius along with the County code and National Grid Ordnance Reference. In addition the distance from the 'Home' church and the direction from it are shown.
Parish Locator will run on a PC running Windows 95 or above. This new version published in January 2001 has been extended by around 10,000 additional churches and has been enhanced by showing the years between which records are known to exist and included in the Vital Parish Records as cataloged by the LDS. Also new to this version are the facilities to search by a part name or by County or Ordnance Reference number.
Full help facilities are included and the program may be uninstalled via Windows Add/Remove Program. This software is Freeware and so may be passed on to anyone provided payment is not charged and all files are included.
The program is available either as a compressed Zip file or as a self-expanding executable file. Please click on the appropriate link to download the files which are approx. 6.3mb each.

If you need to know the Poor Law Union that a particular parish came under then have a look at Mary Hallett's database at

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