The National Society for Research into Allergy is the only voluntary, charitable organisation that can offer constructive dietary advice on the whole spectrum of food and chemical induced allergy and intolerance, mineral deficiency, Candida albicans, parasitic infection, hyperactivity and hyperventilation syndromes. We can also offer advice on agricultural chemicals and airborne allergens.

Membership to NSRA offers you a dietary elimination and reintroduction programme and recipe book that is second to none. There are three stages in our programme. The first stage is for small children with uncomplicated problems. The second stage is for all other problems, including those that children suffer from. (There is a special book for babies and small children). Both these stages tell you what you can cat, not what you cannot. Stage three tells you how and when to reintroduce foods that have been eliminated. When you read our recipe book you will see that it is an absolute gem, full of recipes especially for your elimination diet.

As well as offering advice on tests for and treatments of allergy, intolerance, etc. we can also suggest the best doctors for your particular problem, in your area if possible. In fact we probably carry more information on the whole subject of allergy and intolerance than any other organisation either voluntary, government funded or medical. We can be reached at most times by telephone and we try to answer letters quickly, and in rotation. We see people here by appointment only. In extreme cases we will visit your home. However, we ask for a donation to cover the time used and travelling expenses must be covered.