Non-medically qualified therapists

NSRA was formed to help allergic / intolerant people on a personal, individual basis by trained people who give their time freely, not as an easy and cheap method for any one who thinks that reading our information qualifies them to treat patients privately. Our elimination diets are kept simple and self-explanatory because they are meant for personal use. We do not allow them to be used by therapists as a substitute for training.

With regard to hyperventilation. This can be a serious problem that only an expert should treat. Hyperventilation is never simply a breathing problem. There are many underlying causes and these have to be investigated. Do not play around with people's health, breathing, etc. unless you are trained. Mishaps can happen. We have over 40 years experience in coping with seriously allergic children. We had over 6 long and arduous years in-depth training in recognising and sorting out the whole spectrum of allergy / intolerance etc. We were taught on a 'one to one' basis by experts. Only after those 6 years was NSRA set up and we were allowed to help other people.