Thank-you for your enquiry into our role in the world of allergy. The National Society for Research into Allergy was founded in 1980 to provide reliable information and guidance for the person who has reason to believe s/he may be suffering from allergy or intolerance. Our main aim is to see allergy and intolerance accepted and for there to be specialised clinics offering effective treatment set up within NHS Hospital Trusts.

We also assist and impart information to GPs, hospital doctors, and members of other medically trained caring and teaching professions. We are also able to supply correct information to journalists, and to provide funding for academic bodies to research safe and effective methods of testing and treating allergy and intolerance.

In the past we have spent many thousands of ús on research projects including one at the Children's Hospital in Gt. Ormond Street, another at St. John's Hospital in Chelmsford and a Rhinitis project run by Dr. J. Brostoff.

The Shipley Project, which was featured on TV by QED, was a total success curing juveniles of their offending behaviour through diet, nutrition and Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation. We bought breathing equipment for new born babies and a Brucard Pollen trap for the Leicester Royal Hospital. We tested the Cytotoxic Blood test on people who knew through an elimination diet what they were intolerant to. We funded research to find out exactly how EPD works. We have more research plans in the pipe line.