Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD)

Dr. L. M. McEwen has pioneered EPD since he first used it in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington in 1962. The first patients treated were hayfever sufferers and it soon became obvious that the asthma and eczema some of those patients suffered from was also responding. Modifications were made and a long term project with 2,000 patients suffering from a range of illnesses caused by food allergy and intolerance was started. Unfortunately in 1979 a new Dean to the medial school decided that, as there was no such thing as allergy this project should be abandoned.

At the time, this was a terrible shock for all concerned, but luckily for for patients past, present and future, Dr.McEwen resigned from the NHS and went into private practice. As a result, EPD is now used world wide. EPD is the most effective form of desensitisation for food, chemical and airborne allergy and intolerance that is available. It does not treat wasp and bee allergy as this treatment is already available on the NHS.

EPD for food allergy and intolerance is a non-drug therapy, made up from minute amounts of proteins from foods, some chemicals, dusts and moulds and is offered in two strengths.

Once your diet has been sorted out and your allergens identified, your treatment programme can start. For the first year you will have four injections, unless you have long term M.E. when you will receive six. After the first year, the periods between your injections will increase.

Your treatment day should be taken seriously, if you do not follow instructions, you will not get better. You should read and understand Dr. McEwens pink book. NSRA has over 30 years experience with EPD, so can answer any and all of the questions you may have.