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07/06/2000 - Making your film
07/22/2000 - Star Wars hologram
07/22/2000 - Lightsabers in Photoshop
07/22/2000 - Hyperspace effect
08/01/2000 - Fake blood
08/05/2000 - The Force Jump
08/18/2000 - Lighting Tutorials
Coming Soon - Pyrotechnics in CGI
08/18/2000 - I finally got around to having that lighting tutorial uploaded for you tonight, I hope you find that interesting.  WEBMASTERS! I also have a button that you can put on your web site, so you can now link to me here.  Just a word of warning, this time next month I will be sunning it up on the the beautiful beaches of Cypress, so I won't be working on any tutorials because I will be working on my tan instead.

08/05/2000 - Today I uploaded a tutorial on how to use the "Force" and jump tall buildings in a single bound, plus added a movie of the Hologram Effect.

08/01/2000 - I have added the tutorial for making Fake Blood, I hope you enjoy it.  I also changed the upcoming tutorial from Pyrotechncs to Pyrotechnics in CGI simply because it is too expensive to do, and too hazardous to try.

07/27/2000 - Finally got around to uploading the page.  Everything seems to be going according to plan, all I have to do now is sit back, relax, and read all those letters of praise.  P.S. don't forget to click on that banner and sign yourself up to

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