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Welcome to David and Marilyn Sullivan's genealogy web site. Apart from our family tree, the site also contains a selection of schoolchildren's howlers collected by David's father during his career as a school teacher. It also holds a transcript of his diary, written (in defiance of army regulations!) as a radio operator during the Sicilian campaign of the Second World War - the original diary is now lodged in the Imperial War Museum in London. Also on this site is a page aimed at placing people in contact with other relatives around the world, together with links to other genealogy sites.
And new last year is a guide to finding the information you need to research your family tree.
Oh, and there's also a bio about the 2 of us which we're sure you're absolutely
dying to read, so please come in!

Last updated: 11 June 2001
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We are fairly new to genealogy - we've been working on our family trees, off and on, for about 4 years. During that time we've identified around 40 surnames and 150 individuals. Other surnames we're looking for are:
Sullivan, Ithell, Ross, Halton, Whittaker, Dunn, Fawcett, Healey, Berry, Neatis, Porter, O'Brien, Bald, Baggley, Price and Bancroft. The engine should also flag up references to David Sullivan, Marilyn Sullivan, David and Marilyn,classroom gems, esperanto, manchester, trafford park, astrazeneca, zeneca, second world war, WW2, sicily, diary, soldier, guide, tutorial, instructions